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Looking for a Utah horse stable? Find boarding, barns and equestrian centers in your area with this nationwide, city by city listing. From large facilities (the kind with air conditioned and covered riding arenas, pro trainers, fully-stocked tack shops and large wooden stalls) to smaller, more private situations offering overnight stabling, simple pipe corrals, senior horse pasture or mare care. Here are several examples:


Q: How do I find riding barns in Pocatello, ID with access to park trails, riding lessons and turnout?
A: Click "By Your Location" (left) then "Idaho" for a directory of horse barns, stables and eq centers near you.


Q: I actively compete (jumping) - where would I get contact info for hunter jumper stables in Utah?
A: English riders, (dressage, hunter-jumpers, eventers) find your local training stables in Utah offering indoor arenas with proper footing, pro training and equipment you need.


Q: I can't keep horses here in my area so I need to locate a reliable barn near me, specifically, an overnight horse boarding facility in Utah with an indoor riding arena, trainers and turnout.
A: To locate horse barns in Utah, click on "By Your Location" (left) then on "Utah" You'll be directed to equestrian centers and boarding facilities offering a wide range of services, some simply offering self care / "do it yourself turnout," and senior pasture, others offering tack stores, covered riding arenas, professional training, fancy wooden stalls and much more.



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Here's your city by city listing; see Horse Stables in Utah:


American Fork Cedar Valley Delta Draper
Fillmore Heber City Kamas Layton
Lehi LOGAN Midway Moab
Ogden Orem Park City Payson
Riverton Saint George Salt Lake City Sandy
South Jordan Spanish Fork Talmage West Jordan


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